Ruckus DHCP Option 43

Calculating Ruckus DHCP Option 43

So coming from Cisco’s world I was pretty familiar with how DHCP Option 43 works with the Cisco WLAN Controllers. With Ruckus ZoneDirector and SmartZone Controllers DHCP Option 43 needs to be in Hex format. However they work a little different than Cisco. Ruckus uses the following Format:

Sub-Option + Length of IP in Hex + IP value in Hex (This needs to be from ASCII to Hex)

Note how the IP Value needs to be from ASCII to HEX. This is a little different than converting for Cisco WLAN Controller. Every single number and the period will need to convert from ASCII to Hex. These Values will be very different. So for example if you convert 10 to Hex it will be 0A However ASCII to Hex would be 31 30.

I have created a quick Excel template that can give me the DHCP Option 43 value for Ruckus Zone Director and VSZ. Please note: It is being provided free of charge in AS-IS capacity. I do not take any responsibility for any errors, omissions, issues.

DHCP Option 43 Template

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